Gear List

Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 System:
24-Bit Digital Audio
Digidesign 96 I/O, 888/24 I/O interfaces
to bring in up to 24 tracks of high
quality audio at a time
Digidesign Pro Control console mixing surface
Plug-ins from Focusrite, TC Electronics,
Waves, Bomb Factory, and more
for high quality processing

Outboard Dynamics Processors:
ART Pro VLA Tube Compressor
dbx 266XL Comressor/Gate

Microphone Preamps:
Neve 9098DMA Dual Mic Pre
Drawmer 1960 Dual Tube Mic Pre/Comp.
ART Pro MPA Dual Tube Mic Pre
Focusrite Green 5 Channel Strip
Joemeek VC1 Studio Channel
Earthworks Lab102 Dual Mic Pre
2 Oram Sonics Octasonic 8 Channel Mic Pres

AKG Solidtube
Audio Technica AT4050
2 Neumann KM184
Røde NT1
2 Shure SM81
AKG D112
ElectroVoice N/D868
3 Sennheiser 421
6 Shure SM57

Other Stuff:
Digidesign MIDI I/O Interface
Power Mac G4 with Superdrive
Sony PCM-2600 DAT
Sony PCM-R300 DAT
Tascam 122 Cassette Deck
Sony TCW 565RM Cassette Deck
Whirlwind Direct Boxes
Hafler TRM8 Studio Monitors
Sony and AKG Headphones